Imagining that sports fans agree kindergarteners should be taught about exotic sexual proclivities in the classroom, several ESPN moralizers observed a “moment of silence” during live broadcasts on Friday.

At the start of the second half of an NCAA Women’s Tournament game, sportscasters Carolyn Peck and Courtney Lyle took a break from describing the game to preach at viewers about politics.

“Normally at this time, we would take a look back at the first half,” began Lyle. “But there are things bigger than basketball that need to be addressed at this time. Our friends, our family, our co-workers, the players and coaches in our community are hurting right now,” she claimed. “At 3 [p.m.], about eight minutes ago, our LGBTQIA+ teammates at Disney asked for our solidarity and support, including our company’s support, in opposition to the Parental Rights in Education bill in the state of Florida and similar legislature [sic] across the United States.”

Peck took over, saying, “A threat to any human rights is a threat to all human rights. At this time, Courtney and I, we’re going to take a pause from our broadcast to show our love and support for our friends, our family, and our colleagues.”

The two pious progressives then remained silent for the first minute or two of gameplay.

Here’s Elle Duncan, another woke ESPN church lady, joining her preachy sisters in annoying the few viewers her channel still has:

The irritating displays were coordinated to support the Disney Do Better Walkout, a series of 15-minute walkouts from 3 to 3:15 p.m. March 15 – 21, culminating in a full-day walkout on March 22.

“The Walt Disney Company’s (TWDC) LGBTQIA+ community and their allies are determined to take a stand against TWDC’s apathy in the face of the bigoted ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ bill put forth by the FL state legislature,” state the protest organizers on their website.

As the Parental Rights in Education bill began wending its way through Florida’s legislature, LGBTQ+ activists started pressuring Disney, which is the largest private employer in the state, to take a stand against it.

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“The recent statements and lack of action by TWDC leadership regarding the ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ bill have utterly failed to match the magnitude of the threat to LGBTQIA+ safety represented by this legislation,” pout the protest organizers. How the queer community is threatened by not being allowed to corrupt innocent young children is unclear. Nonetheless, the organizers lament, “As a community, we have been forced into an impossible and unsustainable position. We must now take action to convince TWDC to protect employees and their families in the face of such open and unapologetic bigotry. … Starting the week of March 14th we will begin a series of collective actions together in order to make our voices and demands heard!”

On another page of the website is a list of demands that Disney is expected to adopt. These include immediately ceasing donations to any politicians who support the pending legislation, protecting its queer employees (again, from what?), and pledging to “create an LGBTQIA+ brand … focusing on LGBTQ+ creators and underrepresented voices.”

Polling has shown that American parents overwhelmingly support the legislation, which opponents have dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but which supporters may as well call the “Let Children Have a Childhood” bill.

Disney has already pledged to donate millions of dollars to pro-LGBTQ+ activist groups. At some point, parents who have worked their butts off and saved up to give their children a wholesome family vacation are going to start wondering why they’re standing in long lines in the hot sun and spending way too much money so that Disney can use a chunk of their cash to finance something parents don’t want anywhere near their kids.

Leftists who can’t win at the ballot box have been using woke corporations to force their will onto normal people, but the tactic may be hitting its limits. It doesn’t look like the once-great family entertainment leviathan will be able to overrule the will of Florida’s voters or stop Gov. Ron “47” DeSantis from signing the bill into law.

For its part, Disney, like so many other craven corporations, made the fatal mistake a few years back of letting the woke camel’s nose under the tent. Once that happened, it was powerless to stop the rest of the destructive beast from entering. The corporation is now entering the end stage of the process, where it prioritizes supporting woke causes over its original mission.

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