The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sheepishly lowered the number of kids killed by/with COVID-19 by a whopping 24%, and de-listed tens of thousands of adult deaths as well. Of course, this “mistake” was found well after the CDC’s head honcho, Rochelle Walensky, used the data to recommend vaccines for kids 5 to 7 years old back in November of 2021. Funny how that worked out.

Needless to say, the CDC deflected the blame for the SNAFU.

Data on deaths were adjusted after resolving a coding logic error. This resulted in decreased death counts across all demographic categories.

Fauci and his funky bunch have been pushing the supposed “vaccine” on everyone, including kids, like an ice cream man selling Push-Ups at a fat camp. Now we know they’ve been using bogus data to do it. And we are expected to believe the CDC couldn’t catch a “coding error” for two years. If you believe that, I’m selling a unicorn that poops $5 dollar bills.

FACT-O-RAMA! A CDC spokesman told the Epoch Times last January that the CDC COVID deaths data reflects people who died because of COVID as well as people who died WITH the Bat-Stew Flu.

As you can see by the CDC’s website, as of this writing, the Honk Kong Fluey has killed 921 kids 0-17 years old in two years. Every child’s death is tragic, but do these figures justify pushing a shifty shot that doesn’t do what they said it would do? And masking kids during school?

At what point can we call it child abuse?

The CDC’s info tells us that 460.5 kids are dying every year from COVID. How does that compare to other illnesses or actions that take children? The CDC has that info as well (if we can trust it).

As we can see, just as many kids die of suffocation as COVID. Maybe masking kids in school was a painfully stupid approach?

QUESTION-O-RAMA! If kids are the least affected by COVID, why are they the last to have their mask requirements dashed?

The CDC cut 416 deaths from the children’s tally and roughly 70,000 deaths from the rest of the age brackets. Reminder: The death count includes people who died with the virus, technically making George Floyd a COVID statistic.

How many times can Fauci burn the bacon before he gets sent to the cornfield? Oh, wait, I wrote about that last October, before this latest monstrosity happened.

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If a pizza place screws up my pie more than once, I find a new pizza place. Fauci’s monumental mistakes are nothing to sneeze at. The entire world looks to this replica of a doctor for advice. I believe it’s beyond time to take out the trash.

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