Actually, there are two podcasts today on the chosen topic, one by the usual home team, and a second by Richard Reinsch of the Heritage Foundation.

Freshly re-supplied with Laphraoig and Glen Livet, Lucretia assumes hosting duties for this week’s episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour to examine—and cross-examine—me about my biography of M. Stanton Evans: Conservative Wit, Apostle of Freedom, which comes out officially on Monday.

Lucretia walks me through how I came to know Evans (41 years ago now!), and why I think Evans is “the perfect conservative,” both in theoretical and practical terms.

In addition to his legacy as a tutor for a generation of young journalists and writers whose ranks include Ann Coulter, Greg Gutfeld, John Fund (and me!), Evans was instrumental in several key turning points in the conservative movement in the 1960s and 1970s (such as providing desperate life support to Reagan’s faltering campaign in 1976), as well as writing The Sharon Statement, the founding document of Young Americans for Freedom.

As a thinker, Evans was early on to the problem we today call the “administrative state,” as well as critiquing in counter-intuitive ways the flabby anti-Communism of establishment liberalism. His mode of inquiry is very useful to our circumstances today.

Worth listening all the way to the very end, where we have included a short clip of Stan telling “con law jokes” (no kidding), set to the backdrop of his favorite Elvis tune, “Suspicious Minds.”

As always, listen here, or slide your podcast mug down the bar to our hosts at Ricochet.

Second, I once recall running into Stan at a conference in the late 1990s where a keynote speaker had gone on for nearly 90 excruciating minutes—before dinner—which had the captive audience (who were more like hostages) squirming with hunger and despair by the end. But Stan, in his usual deadpan, said to me: “I was enthralled. I wanted more.”

If you want more of me on Stan, Richard Reinsch of the Heritage Foundation is out today with his interview about the book on the Daily Signal podcast. (And if you aren’t familiar with Richard’s long form interviews, which he conducted for a long time for Liberty Fund before moving to Heritage recently, you’re missing one of the great practicioners of the format.)

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