Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that gas prices are painfully high. You also know that the Biden administration is doing nothing to help ease the strain.

The fact of the matter is that Biden’s energy policies — which we can summarize as “just buy an electric vehicle” — have much to do with the high price of gas.

Even though the Biden administration has shut down domestic oil production, various government officials have approached states that are less-than-friendly to the U.S. — like Iran and Venezuela — seeking oil.

But even if the administration still stubbornly refuses to drill for domestic oil, there’s a supplier that’s even closer to the U.S. and friendlier toward us — Canada. And one Candaian offical wants to know why we’re not going north to ask for oil.

Sonya Savage is Alberta’s Minister of Energy, and, to be clear, she’s not a Trueau acolyte. She’s a member of the United Conservative Party of Alberta, so she’s a fellowtraveler to American conservatives. She’s been asking for weeks why the U.S. isn’t asking for Canadian oil.

And she’s spoken out more recently and more forcefully. Reporter Lisa Fletcher of Washington, D.C.’s ABC 7 traveled to Alberta to talk to Savage. And her response to a question about the U.S. looking to buy oil from hostile nations proved that Savage lives up to her last name.

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“What did you think when President Biden called on OPEC and other oil drilling nations like Saudi [Arabia]?” Fletcher asked.

“I thought ‘what?’ ‘we’re right next door. We’re here!,’” Savage replied. “It’s extremely frustrating when we see the United States administration reaching out to Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil production, to ask OPEC for more oil production, to look at Iran, to look at Venezuela when we’re right next door here in Alberta. They should be looking at us as the solution to energy security, not around, not Venezuela.”


Savage told Fletcher she’s confident that pipeline and rail capacity could easily allow Canada to supply the U.S. with more oil and help bring prices down.

But we know that such a resonable and easy plan wouldn’t go over well with the Biden administration and its doubling down on “green energy.” The administration wants Americans to suffer at the gas pump because they believe it’ll hasten a renewable energy revolution.

My PJ Media collegaue Robert Spencer hit the nail on the head earlier this month when he wrote, “If they did ease up on their restrictions on the domestic oil industry and restart work on the Keystone Pipeline, they would face the wrath of the far-Left greens who constitute the great bulk of their base, and it is clear that Biden’s handlers will do anything but cross them. Instead, they’re using this crisis as an opportunity to try to foist their green agenda on the American people, while we have no choice but to go along.”

Joe Biden and the bureaucrats and wonks in his orbit don’t want to find a real solution to high gas prices. If hardworking Americans have to pay more to fill up their cars, it doesn’t matter. Those peons should buy an electric vehicle anyway — at least that’s how the Democrats see it.

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