I’ve been presenting previews of the Claremont Review of Books for more than 10 years. I am taking a break from promoting my favorite magazine that is in in part prompted by “the Claremont question” that Steve Hayward raised with CRB editor Charles Kesler and Berkeley Law’s Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law John Yoo in Steve’s March 17 podcast.

The CRB editors have posted the following highlights of the current (Winter 2021/2022) online. I recommend them all to your attention:

• Charles Kesler, “Alien Nation.” Subhead: “Will we have to choose between the anti-Americans and the post-Americans, or is a republic graced by thoughtful American patriots still possible?” Charles’s editorial.

• William Voegeli, “A Tale of Two Propositions.” Subhead: “Diversity, democracy, and affirmative action.”

• Christopher Caldwell, “Poland Against the Progressives.” Subhead: “The continent’s most resolute defender of sovereignty.”

• Charles Murray, “The Immortal Sowell.” Subhead: “Sowell’s analyses of social and political issues are more sophisticated and acute than those of just about everyone who writes on the same topics today.” Murray reviews Maverick by Jason Riley.

• Michael Anton, “Beto’s Republic, Book I.” Subhead: “What is woke justice?”

• Sohrab Ahmari, “Man of Letters.” Subhead: “The Long Slide is a reminder that [Tucker] Carlson is a good writer—a damned good writer.”

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