Why does the New York Times want Americans to keep a mask in their back pocket forever? Doesn’t that seem like the absolute opposite of what we all as Americans should want going forward in our lives while putting the ridiculous and overreaching mandates behind us?

Imagine bragging about people being COMPLIANT with masking? Look how GOOD those New Yorkers are at obeying! Wow!

Oh, and that tidbit about how when women wear a mask men can’t tell them to smile … that’s a real winner. And street smells? Huh?

Yeah yeah, we know, it’s the NYT. But still.

It certainly allows bad actors to keep their identity more easily hidden.

Of course not.

It was ALWAYS about control, power, obediance, and compliance.

If it had truly been about health we wouldn’t have seen countless Democrats breaking their own mandates over and over again.



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