Scott noted the advice of Judge Laurence Silberman that federal judges consciously avoid hiring Yale Law School graduates, and it appears possible that some judges may have already reached this conclusion. Note the drop in Yale clerks from the last few years:

Derek Muller of the University of Iowa’s College of Law spotted this trends and notes:

It’s worth noting that federal judges do change their hiring preferences, and we may be witnessing some of that right now, regardless of whether some judges are “investigating” whether some graduates of some law schools have acted in a disruptive manner at a public event.

New let’s do inflation. Mark Perry is at his post.

COVID update, starting with employment levels:

I know I had these just yesterday, but worth repeating in GiP:

Looks like Asians didn’t get the memo about white supremacy:

Why the economic effects of the Ukraine crisis may be just getting started:

Misc news you can use:

And finally. . .

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