Fox News’ host Mark Levin blasted the Biden Administration on Sunday for showing weakness during the Iran nuclear deal talks, ceding ground, and putting communities all over the world in danger.

“The Biden administration has made it a top priority to re-enter negotiations with Tehran first established under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and intends to move forward with the deal, despite a recent Iranian missile attack near a U.S. consulate,” Fox News reports.

Excerpts below. Video above.

“We all knew after the disaster that was Afghanistan and the surrender of this administration what was coming; we all knew when Biden was appeasing Putin in every possible away, whether is was a pipeline or nuclear deal and so forth —we all knew that this day would come. We all know that Communist China and Xi, another psychopath genocidal maniac, has every intention of invading Taiwan…We all knew that in Tehran, the Islamic regime there —the fanatical, dangerous, Neo-Nazi regime in Teheran will continue to build Nukes so they can attack Israel…and even the Untied States of America”

“If we knew this, how is it Biden didn’t know it? How is it the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense didn’t know it? Well I suggest they knew it but they are weak and pathetic.”

“We need to muscle up our military —NOW. Not with a few billion dollars but with a special Manhattan-like Project. Not to go to war, but to prevent war; to make sure we are the most muscular military on the face on the earth, no matter how many enemies we are facing. That is a deterrent, that is a response. That is peace through strength as Reagan put it, and as Trump would put it as well.”

“This administration has appointed Putin, for all intents and purposes, to negotiate on our behalf with the regime in Tehran, that keeps talking about death to America,” Levin told “Life, Liberty, & Levin” viewers. “They already fired ballistic missiles at our consulate. What is the response of our government? ‘Well, they didn’t mean to hit our consulate.’ The enemy hears this stuff, the enemy sees this stuff.”

“What will happen if Iran gets nukes? Well, what’s happened with Putin and nukes, he is waving them around, he is trying to control the battlefield by threatening us…what do you think Iran will do?” Levin continued. “If Iran unleashes Hezbollah against Israel, if Iran topples the government in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, well we can’t do anything because Iran has nukes.”

“It has to be stopped. And yet, the Biden Administration through Putin is negotiating a deal that is weaker than the deal of 2015, it will give tens of billions to the Iranian regime without restriction, it will ensure that they have nuclear weapons, ICBMs, that could reach any corner of the earth. It will ensure that terrorists who right now on terrorist watch lists, will be removed.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Levin concluded, “Joe Biden is going to unleash a nuclear competition where Third World countries will have nuclear weapons, and they will be easier and easier to get and harder and harder to control, that might even wind up in hands of terrorist organizations if we do not put an end to this.”

“Peace through strength. Not peace through appeasement or stupidity — because that’s where we are right now.”

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