Earlier this month, Jeff Blehar, aka @EsotericCD, shared the encouraging news about Chicago Public Schools finally going mask-free.

A relative return to normalcy would be a huge deal to any parent of a CPS student, but it would be even more significant to a parent like Blehar, whose young son is special-needs and has been very noticeably negatively affected by draconian masking policies.

But Blehar’s cautious optimism was doomed to be short-lived. Today, he tweeted out an update on how his son is doing under the ostensibly more relaxed guidelines:

What child wouldn’t be crying over something like that? What parent wouldn’t be crying over it? What was done to his son is nothing less than child abuse.

For what it’s worth, Jeff, we wouldn’t fault you in the slightest for posting an unbroken string of expletives. Because that would be the bare minimum reaction that something like this would merit.

There is no excuse, no justification whatsoever for the horror that Blehar’s son and countless other children are being put through by power-hungry teachers’ unions and the schools effectively under their control.

It’s a violation of basic human decency. Forced masking has had demonstrable disastrous effects on children, socially, emotionally, mentally, physically. Those effects are only magnified in children with special needs.

If you’re furious, you should be.

We don’t normally advocate for rage, but if that rage can be channeled into helping our children triumph over the evil being forced upon them by authoritarian teachers’ unions, it’s worth it. Teachers’ unions don’t care about children. They won’t fight for children. So we have to.

Abolish the teachers’ unions now.



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