Republican Sen. Josh Hawley’s examination of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record when it comes to sentencing those convicted of sex crimes involving minors caused Democrats and the media to circle the wagons during the hearings. Sen. Hawley demonstrated how many of the sentences handed out by Judge Jackson fell well below guidelines and prosecutor recommendations. Here’s one such example:

Meanwhile, Politifact’s fact-check probably won’t surprise you:

First off, here are Politifact’s bullet points at the top of the “fact-check”:

–In most cases, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s sentences were below the guidelines and below the prosecutors’ recommendations.

–But Jackson’s approach to sentencing in child pornography cases did not differ significantly from that of other judges, data show. A federal study found that in more than two-thirds of these cases, judges issue sentences below federal guidelines.

–For cases that included both possession of child pornography and attemped or actual sexual abuse of a minor, Jackson generally agreed with prosecutors’ recommendations.

–In addition to sentencing people to prison, Jackson’s decisions included long periods of supervised release, generally for 10 years after serving time, and in one case for 20 years.

Sen. Hawley’s press secretary, Abigail Marone, has spotted the “fact-checkers” doing their thing again:

“True but false” is a very familiar approach for many so-called fact-checkers:

“Fact-checkers” are so incredibly predictable.

Marone also got the Washington Post to take back a claim they made while fact-checking what Sen. Hawley said during the hearings:

You have to watch the “fact-checkers” like a hawk.

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