Alex Stein is an interesting comedian/political commentator. He hosts a YouTube Livestream that appears to include many videos of him trolling random city council board meetings across the country. When he isn’t doing it online, he’s showing up in person to rap, sing, cry, or troll during his three minutes of public comment time. As a person who has been to more boring board meetings than my fair share, this has to be one of my favorite pranks. It really livens up the snore-fest that is official government business.

He recently trolled the Shoreline, Wash. City Council meeting dressed in an army uniform with Kyiv in the background on a green screen (like Zelenskyy) and implored the mayor to join the Azov forces and fight for Ukraine. “There is no border more important than the border between Russia and Ukraine,” he screamed to a room full of people trying not to laugh.

But my favorite so far is his live performance in Denton, Texas. “Marty Epstein” stepped up to the mic wearing a Biden teeshirt and a beanie and let it rip. (You really need to watch it, so don’t miss the video at the bottom after the transcript.)

“In 2015 Bernie Sanders woke me up,” he said. “My openly gay 6-year-old transgender nephew wanted something different than most kids for his birthday. He wanted the COVID-19 vaccine for the greater good of humanity because unlike the racist Republicans he wanted to protect our democracy and take on his social responsibility to do his part for the greater good,” he said. “He’s now gone from this world. He recently had a heart attack. But the doctors say they don’t know what caused it,” he continued. “But I know what caused it. It was the stress from the Donald Trump supporters and the science deniers, RACIST BIGOTED HOMOPHOBES,” he screamed at an earsplitting decibel.

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“Now, you might recognize this man as one of the most evil men in history,” he said holding up a photo of Hitler. “But I know somebody who was much worse. His name is Donald J. Trump!” he whined holding up a photo of the former president. “Now let me tell you why Donald Trump is worse than Adolf Hilter. Number one, Donald Trump hurts my feelings and Hitler does not. Number two, Hitler at least put people in quarantine camps and made them wear masks while Donald Trump continues to spew out Russian disinformation and third, Hitler had the decency and kindness to kill himself,” he said getting more agitated. “Meanwhile Donald Trump is still alive. At least Hitler had the decency to leave us alone! Trump on the other hand refuses to kill himself and makes him significantly worse,” he then sighed deeply and began crying which turned into high-pitched screeching, perfectly depicting a person with deep Trump Derangement Syndrome. (Remember screaming at the sky? That really happened.)

“Now we’re in a war with Ukraine and Russia. If we had a nuclear war it would be worth it if it could just save one life!” he yelled while crying uncontrollably. “Imagine living in a world where people weren’t science deniers, racists, transphobic, xenophobic, misogynistic bigots!” he said perfectly describing the paranoia of the woke left. “The only way to fight for our democracy is to get vaccinated while supporting Ukraine in the fight, and that is your social responsibility,” he said looking at each member of the council, who were all sitting there pretending it wasn’t happening. To their credit, none of them interrupted him.

“One of the people I look up to who I’ve begun to love is Klaus Schwab,” Stein continued. “And he said by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy, and I stand with him because I’m not selfish! And those who stand against it are selfish,” he said while continuing to sob.

Then Stein launched into what sounded like it came straight from a 4chan troll board. “My closing statement: My only regret is that I didn’t stop Breonna Taylor’s killers. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was shopping in Target in the pride section looking for a shirt for my 6-year-old openly gay transgender nephew after I got off work at Starbucks where I’m a barista, but at least I know I was helping the LGBTQ community while Breonna Taylor was killed,” he choked out. “I pray that Dr. Fauci will make a vaccine for white supremacy. I HATE MYSEEEEELF,” he screamed. “I’m going to take a knee for George Floyd,” he finished by kneeling at the podium while the council tried to get him to leave.

Mayor Gerard Hudspeth said drolly, “Well, can you do that over there so we can get the next person?” indicating the far side of the room. Hudspeth continued, “We’re going to take a five-minute break so we can wipe all that down,” referring to the spittle that probably accumulated on the podium after all the screaming. This mayor should be commended for being so cool under extreme silliness. He handled it so well.

After Stein stepped away from the mike, another man came to the microphone with a guitar. He then began to sing a parody of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” but his song was titled “Why Do Girls Sports Go Away.” During his song, some protesters erupted in the back of the room screaming “trans rights matter” or something like that. The mayor made them stop so that the music could continue.

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One reason people don’t go to council meetings is that they’re so boring. I actually think Stein and friends are making board meetings great again by being so creative and surprising people with this performance art. Civil engagement in America is so important, and even though Stein’s performances are comedic, they also make a political statement about the absurdity of wokeism.

I always made sure that the board meetings I attended and spoke at were entertaining (I even wrote a whole book about it) and my co-author, Kevin DuJan, and I single-handedly increased attendance at library board meetings that hadn’t had any public interest in years! Sometimes it takes a little song and dance to get people to notice that our society needs more public attention to matters of importance. What Stein is doing is reminiscent of Benjamin Franklin’s snarky Silence Dogood letters and Mark Twain’s scathing political commentary. They should keep it up if only to get people watching how the government works (or doesn’t).

I’ve been working on a series on my YouTube where I try to make public board meetings understandable and more fun by analyzing the Teachers of Tik Tok debate going on in Louisiana. Check it out, and don’t forget to subscribe.

PJ Media reached out to Mayor Hudspeth for a comment about the fireworks at the meeting but didn’t hear back in time for publishing.

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