Editor’s Commentary: To those who are not familiar with Mike Adams from Natural News, let me say that he is truly brilliant, particularly when it comes to economic issues. While he is known as the “Health Ranger,” I would argue that his financial instincts are actually superior to his extraordinary health instincts. It’s important to understand this before you read his article below because to many of you, it will all seem far-fetched. We’ve grown up with American exceptionalism in which thoughts of total economic collapse are difficult to accept as possible, let alone likely. But as Mike details in the article and videos below, now is not the time to stick our heads in the sand and assume all will be well because ‘MURICA! Read this and take heed. I’m not saying he’s definitely right, but in the age of “President” Biden, The Great Reset, and Critical Race Theory, is anything really outside of the realm of possibility? Here’s Mike…

As a patriotic American, this is the kind of article that pains me to write. But unlike the Democrats and their make believe gender identity fairy tales that pretend biology isn’t real, I can’t simply choose to alter the laws of economics and tell you something that isn’t so. The truth is that based on things that have been set into motion right now, the US dollar goes to zero. And the Russian Ruble emerges as a dominant, commodity-backed world currency that gives Russia long-term economic strength and competitiveness.

There is no other rational conclusion. Anyone who is honest and who understands finance would reach the same conclusion.

See, the US is now characterized by a decadent, collapsing culture, insane levels of money printing and shocking inflation rates that are going to lead to food riots before the end of 2022. We may also see fuel rationing, food price controls, food rationing and similar actions that smack of economic authoritarianism. (The US also now features extreme censorship, political prisoners and a broken justice system that sets murderers free if they murdered conservatives or Trump supporters.)

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While the dollar is backed by nothing other than a collapsing society of lunatics and actual idiots — just look at Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the new SCOTUS nominee (Jackson) for recent examples of Idiocracy come to life — the Russian Ruble is suddenly backed by hydrocarbons. That’s because Russia is now demanding payment in Rubles for natural gas sales to most countries.

The hydrocarbonruble will replace the petrodollar

The era of the so-called petrodollar is quickly giving way to the hydrocarbonruble. Yes, the Hydro-Carbon-Ruble. That’s the ruble backed by hydrocarbons in natural gas. These hydrocarbons not only run Europe’s cities and industries, they are also used to create nitrogen-based fertilizers that literally feed about half the world population. Every nation on Earth needs hydrocarbons. If you don’t get them, your economies collapse and your people starve.

The US dollar, on the other hand, is backed by nothing but idiocy and incompetence. The US is in such dire financial straights that the US central bank just stole around $300 billion in Russia’s “reserves,” thereby defaulting on what the central bank owes to foreign nations.

Yes, the central bank of the United States of America just defaulted.

Russia, meanwhile, is sitting on 30% of the world’s natural resources. Those resources include natural gas, oil, minerals and reliable food crops. Russia owns more natural resources than any other nation in the world, including China and the USA.

The fiat currencies of the world are going to collapse to zero. This has already been set in motion. There is no stopping it. The government of California is already hoping to hand out stimulus money to help people pay for the rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuel. This is, in effect, printing more money to help cover the costs of inflation caused by printing more money.

This will rapidly spiral into hyperinflation. It is very likely that the US dollar will be losing something on the order of 10% per month before the end of 2023. By the end of 2024, we might be in full-blown Venezuela hyperinflation territory. If the US dollar survives to the year 2027 without a total collapse, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Cleverly, Russia has tied its currency to hydrocarbons. And since there is inherit, global demand for hydrocarbons, the Russian ruble will always have demand. The dollar, backed by nothing, will be sold off everywhere, right alongside US Treasury debt, since all Treasury debt is based on the dollar itself, which is collapsing.

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The end result will be extreme poverty for most Americans, driving the USA into civil unrest, chaos and extreme political upheaval.

I cover this in a 19-minute podcast here (the full Situation Update podcast is separate, below):

US states had better prepare their own currencies or they will collapse when the dollar dies

Personally, I am hoping Texas declares itself to be a sovereign nation, launches its own Texas gold-backed currency (or oil-backed) and begins pumping out oil and selling it to the rest of the world. Texas can stand on its own, unlike most other US states. But mark my words: Any US state that does not have a backup currency ready to go will see its economy utterly destroyed by the collapse of the dollar.

Texas, Florida and other conservative-leaning states had better get on the ball and get this plan moving along, or they will be caught in a devastating economic collapse as hyperinflation kicks in.

California is already a goner. There is no future where the coastal regions of California don’t collapse into a Mad Max scenario of total lawlessness and chaos.

Very few Americans realize that the America they once knew is over. It will never “go back to normal.” Inflation is now an unleashed beast, and the only (insane) solution that will be offered by the US government and Federal Reserve is printing more money.

Printing more money to prop up the illusion of a functioning economy

It won’t be long before the Federal Reserve will print money to buy up stocks in the stock market as a last-ditch effort to project the illusion of economic stability. Markets will soar while the dollar plummets. People will think they’re “rich” from their stock portfolios while they are paying wildly inflated prices for bread, gasoline, clothing and consumer goods.

Eventually, the stock market Ponzi fraud will collapse, leaving the American people with nothing other than worsening inflation. Pensions will be obliterated. Savings will melt away. The only thing that will save people from starvation will be gold, silver, ammo and other physical things they can trade or sell for food. People will sell homes, ranches and farms just to avoid starvation. Horrifyingly, some people will sell their children. This will especially occur in Democrat-controlled areas which are already dominated by satanists and child traffickers (i.e. Democrat party donors).

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This will be far worse than the Great Depression. And when it’s over, America will be a third world nation with nukes. One of the most prolific sectors of America’s future economy will be human trafficking, and no woman or child will be safe.

Not a pretty picture. It’s very sad, actually, to see just how quickly the Democrats and Leftists have destroyed this great nation. This is what happens when Republicans like Mike Pence allow the Democrats to steal elections and destroy a nation. There are repercussions. Pence is a traitor, as are most US Senators and House members. But you already knew that.

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