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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Flutist. Flautist. Flautas. All good to me.

We’re heading into the weekend with one of those rare Briefings that leads by pimping one of my own columns.

Hey, you can’t love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.

Those of us on this side of the political aisle spent have spent a lot of time over the last couple of years questioning the efficacy of the various government responses to the pandemic. While it was certainly chaos in the early part of 2020, by summertime we had questions. I remember constantly wondering why Trump was keeping Fauci around, for example.

My column yesterday featured some new data about the rise in deaths during the pandemic that weren’t COVID-related, like those from heart disease, stroke, and alcohol-related problems. It turns out that scaring people into staying away from hospitals so that people wouldn’t die was deadly.

Here are some of my thoughts on that:

One would presume that public health policy would protect or foster some sort of, you know, health. Alas, since the government is involved, words don’t always mean what they’re supposed to.

In the rush to mitigate the spread of the COVID virus, public health policy could have best been described as a lot of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This was understandable and forgivable in the early stages of the pandemic when officials didn’t have any idea about what they were dealing with. As the pandemic wore on, however, it became more about exercising power than saving lives.

As 2020 wore on I found it nigh on impossible to believe that Dr./Career Bureaucrat Anthony Fauci and Company had the slightest interest in my health. Or anyone else’s for that matter. Some might say that I’m a cynic, which is usually true. However, I am also a realist which, by the way, is often how one becomes a cynic in the first place.

The reason I singled out Fauci in the headline today is because the leftists elevated him to god-like status and it’s been obvious from Day One that he’s an attention whore who relishes being the face of the government’s faux battle against COVID. So tag, he’s it.

There have been so many COVID-related tragedies in the last two years. Just when it looks like we might be emerging from that hell, we’re finding out that there are non-COVID tragedies yet to be discovered. It is a terrible story that, in all probability, needn’t have been as tragic.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, the last several days have been full of examples of mainstream media malpractice past and present. The Democratic advocates in the MSM have lied about so much. Russia collusion. Hunter Biden’s laptop. COVID treatments and statistics. SCOTUS confirmation hearings.

This is why I keep trying to bring new people into our VIP subscriber fold. Throughout it all, we here at PJ Media have been reporting the truth on all of the above. We’ve been repeatedly censored for it by the MSM and social media. Sadly, our fortunes are still tied somewhat to both and revenues did take a hit. Thankfully, our VIP program is growing every week. For a few dollars a month, you can support what we’re doing here. For a couple more bucks a month, you can be a VIP Gold subscriber and have access to all of the VIP content on every Townhall site (PJ Media, Townhall, RedState, HotAir, Bearing Arms, and Twitchy). There’s a lot of hardcore professional reporting that we can do on the other side of the paywall because it’s away from the prying eyes of the censors,

You know me though, I like to have fun as well, and we make sure there’s a lot of it for our VIPs. For example, yesterday I made a practically perfect martini to enjoy during the weekly “Five O’Clock Somewhere” live chat that my friend Stephen Green and I do with our VIP Gold friends. We’re probably going to get together in Chicago this summer just to hang out.

Seriously, it’s a party. A really good party (ask any of our VIP friends who hung out with us at CPAC), not some lame thing that you’ll want to leave early. And you’re invited. Click here to subscribe and use the promo code WUHAN to receive a 25% discount (which makes this a bargain extraordinaire).

Thanks for hanging around kids, you’re the best.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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