President Biden’s headed back to the U.S. from his trip overseas that included stops in Belgium and Poland, and some of the remarks Biden delivered along the way are best summed up by Katie Pavlich:

Today’s example was heard at the end of Biden’s speech in Poland when he had some strong words about Vladimir Putin:

Just yesterday the White House had to do some serious clean-up on Biden’s comments to US troops in Poland about “what you’ll see” in Ukraine, and the president’s line at the end of today’s speech about Putin had them grabbing more mops:

Oh, and don’t you dare take what Biden says at face value or you’re doing Putin’s bidding, or something. But the spin from Ben Rhodes earned a retweet from Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain:

It was quite a week for Biden and his team of janitors:

Double yikes.

And they want everyone to believe that Trump was the one who was weak with Putin.

Many Democrats are calling Biden’s speech in Poland “Kennedy-esque.” Did Kennedy’s staff have to constantly walk back everything JFK said?



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