President Biden’s speech on Saturday in Poland, which was capped off with a “this man cannot remain in power” reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin, had Bill Kristol and others comparing it to Ronald Reagan’s “tear down this wall” address in West Berlin in 1987. The difference of course is that after Reagan’s speech none of his staffers had to immediately rush out to say the president didn’t really mean the words that came out of his mouth.

On Saturday it was White House staffers doing clean-up duty, and President Biden himself grabbed a mop of his own on Sunday to say that “this man cannot remain in power” was not, in fact, a call for a regime change in Russia:

If “this man cannot remain in power” didn’t mean regime change maybe somebody can ask Jen Psaki today exactly what it did mean.

This isn’t the first time the White House has had to rush out and try to walk back something Biden said.



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