U.S.—Disney+ has announced some new parental features coming to the popular streaming platform. Now to ensure that parents do not get in the way of their children’s viewing experience, Disney+ will ask to confirm that no parents are in the room before viewing any content.

“We have to stick to our core values. And that’s to influence and fill young minds with content that we want them to see without Mommy and Daddy’s knowledge,” said Disney CEO Bob Chapek. “We believe children learn the most from a free environment, that’s not stifled by adult supervision.”

Now before viewing any content intended for children, users will have to confirm that no parents are in the room, only young susceptible children. They will be prompted to answer as follows: You must be 18 or younger, preferably in Kindergarten to 3rd Grade. Please confirm that no parents are in the room before continuing.

“We realized that parents have enough controls as it is,” explained Bob Chapek. “So we are giving children special tools so they can have a special educational time on Disney+. Now kids can learn without the oppressive, disapproving judgment of parents who think they know what’s best for their own kids”

At publishing time, Disney confirmed that any parents found violating the rules by staying and watching in the room are subject to facing legal fees and their children will be taken away by Child Protective Services.

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