Fox News host of Life, Liberty & Levin Mark Levin discusses a 5,000-word essay released by the Kremlin in July that was reportedly written by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Excerpts of Levin’s analysis below, video above.

“He makes it clear that this is about more than Ukraine,” Levin says of the essay. “To him, Ukraine does not exist, it has always been Russia, they are not Ukrainian people, they are Russians.”

“Who is the aggressor? It is Vladimir Putin. He is slaughtering innocent civilians, he is blowing up cities,” the host said. “One town on the Black Sea is 90% leveled. Wherever Putin goes, this is what he does, he has destroyed Syria with his favorite genocidal maniac there, he destroyed the Chechnya area….that’s what he does. He is a man who killed his way to the top. A man who assassinates in order to hold onto power…that is what we’re up against.”

“The United States should not escalate tensions, excuse me?” Levin said. “How are we escalating tensions? By helping an ally? An ally that’s trying to save its people who are being slaughtered unprovoked by a madman genocidal maniac…?”

“No,” he continued. “I don’t think so. He keeps threatening to use nuclear weapons, he is a war criminal… involved in horrific atrocities.”

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