Sounds like AOC wants Biden to act as a true dictator or in her little mind they’re finished in November.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sat down with New York Magazine for an interview or something … and she talked about the midterms and blamed Biden for not being insane enough. Sorry, progressive enough which is really the same thing but we digress.

You know how mean girls say really mean things after claiming they have respect for someone? Yeah, that’s what Sandy did.

She never trusted Manchin not to be as insane as she is.

BUT she feels like he’s old and not as insane as she is.

Sensing a pattern here.

In other words, screw the middle and try and appeal to the people who are as insane as she is.

We just like writing ‘as insane as she is’ over and over again because it works so well when writing about AOC. Heh.

Pushing for Biden to rule via Executive Order.

Like good little socialists, they want to force people to adhere to their ideas. These are the same dipsticks who claimed Trump was an authoritarian for four years.

Looking at polling, Democrats should be worried about the Latino vote, because more Latinos are voting red. The ironic part of all of this is if Sandy gets her way and Biden goes full-out socialist dictator, they’ll lose even more of the Latino vote.

From this interview, it sounds like she is all over the board.

As usual.



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