As everyone knows, Joe Biden made at least three important blunders while he was in Europe, that had to be corrected by the White House. But yesterday, having returned to the U.S., Biden denied that any of his comments had been walked back: “What’s getting walked back? … None of the three occurred.”

Biden’s assertion is implausible as to all three of his gaffes, but I want to focus on the one where he suggested that American troops were on their way to Ukraine. About that incident, Biden said yesterday:

I was talking to the troops. We were talking about helping train the troops in, that are, the Ukrainian troops that are in Poland.

But this is what Biden said to a group of U.S. servicemen that caused consternation:

You’re going to see when you’re there – some of you have been there – you’re going to see women, young people, standing in the middle, in front of a damn tank, saying, “I’m not leaving.”

There are no women or children standing in front of tanks in Poland. No Poles are saying to Russians (or anyone), “I’m not leaving.” Obviously, the “there” that Biden referred to was Ukraine, where Ukrainians actually have stood in front of tanks.

Biden’s cleanup efforts on all three of his blunders were lame, but no one can take this particular explanation seriously. Biden’s handlers obviously have given up on even trying to maintain a veneer of plausibility, and Biden himself evidently will say anything that is written on a note card. We are essentially without a president.

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