Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) throws out one of Joe Biden’s favorite sayings while discussing the 2023 budget with Director of the Office of the Management and Budget Shalanda Young: “show me your budget and I’ll tell you your values.” Boebert proceeds to blast Biden’s $5.8 trillion dollar budget as “woke wants —not needs.”

“Let’s see what Democrats really value. The word military appears 26 times in this budget, but gender, it’s used 43 times. Equity, well that’s used 75 times and climate is used 187 times in this budget. Americans sure do understand what Democrat priorities are.”

Watch the clip above.

Boebert also shared her thoughts on the Biden’s “busted budget” on Twitter:

“Biden’s busted $5.8 trillion budget is so bad that it includes both raising the debt ceiling and hiking taxes.It’s a slap in the face for hard-working Americans.”

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