Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s victory over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia last fall should have taught Democrats some lessons about the government getting between parents and their children. It’s not surprising that the Left has doubled down and tried to demonize the phrase “parents’ rights.” Juan Williams said on Fox News last fall that “parents’ rights” was just code for “white race politics.” And when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law Monday, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said DeSantis was targeting some of the most vulnerable Floridians “under the guise of parents’ rights.”

We’ll note that the Miami Herald ran a picture of Cardona with a bunch of students who are definitely not kindergarteners.

Cardona issued a lengthy statement Monday, but White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield broke it down for reporters Tuesday, saying that the Department of Education would be “monitoring” the implementation of the Parental Rights in Education Bill to see if it violated any federal civil rights laws.

We can save Cardona the time — it doesn’t. Telling kindergarten teachers not to lead a discussion with their students about how they went paddleboarding with their partner over the weekend is not a civil rights violation.

As we said above, it’s telling how triggered liberals are at the idea of kindergarten through third-grade teachers not being allowed to lead class discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity; poor Chasten Buttigieg says DeSantis is trying to make the whole LGBTQ community disappear. These teachers resent that there are parents who stand between them and “their” children.

They really, really do. They’re going to keep kicking and screaming right through the midterms.

Jen Psaki has called the law “hateful” and “horrific” but she never told us what the “tragic impact” would be. The only tragic impact will be on teachers who want to talk about their sexuality in front of their students.


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