Would someone please let Nancy Pelosi know she doesn’t have to worry about our democracy going away if Republicans win the House in November? Sorry, WHEN Republicans take the House in November.

We’d have to be a democracy in the first place for her to fear for it, and since we’re a republic that fear is irrelevant. Like much of what Nan says.

From The Hill:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in an interview published Monday that she fears for American democracy if Republicans win the House in this year’s midterm elections.

Republicans are highly favored to win the House in November given that they need to flip only five seats, along with the historic tendency for the incumbent president’s party to lose seats in Congress during midterm elections.

Pelosi framed the stakes of the fight for the House in existential terms given the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and former President Trump‘s continued influence over the Republican Party.


“It is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win. I fear for our democracy if the Republicans were ever to get the gavel. We can’t let that happen,” Pelosi said during an interview with Time magazine’s Molly Ball as part of a virtual ceremony to award the 2022 Toner Prizes for political journalism.

Welp, she better buckle up because our country has gone to crap under their party majority rule and only morons would want to continue this insanity.

Awww, she’ll find a way to keep the grift going. Don’t you worry.

Not sure even if she stopped pandering to the nutters if that would save them from the disaster Biden has made of this country in his short time in office.

She knows they have nothing real to offer anyone so she’s trying to scare people into voting for them. Democrats rely on fear, it keeps them from having to actually produce anything for the numbnuts who vote for them.



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