During a recent interview with Yahoo! News, California Governor Gavin Newsom took a few shots at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his COVID response and his education initiatives. DeSantis had a chance to respond to the criticisms on The Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio Tuesday —and he really laid into Gov. Gav.

First, Benson laid out the accusations put forth by Newsom.

“He said that you’re a performance artist. He said, ‘I do not look for inspiration to that particular governor, not on the pandemic, not on other policy including the absurdity that was his woke initiative and the laughability around stopping something that doesn’t exist, Critical Race Theory,’” the Fox News Radio host noted, adding, “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he’s attacking you.”

DeSantis responded, blasting Newsom, arguing people vote with their feet.

“Well, first I would say how many people are moving from his state, fleeing to come to mine for freedom versus vice-versa? And I guarantee you we win in the net — in migration, people are leaving California in numbers we’ve never seen because of his failed policies,” he argued.

“Benson and DeSantis also noted how, despite complaining about Florida, many Democrats end up moving there or hosting events in the less restrictive state,” Fox News reports.

“The DGA, the Democratic Governors’ Association, had their event here,” Benson noted.

DeSantis agreed, saying, “[P]eople vote with their feet.”

“Yes there’s a lot of Californians who like what we’re doing who are coming, but even the ones that posture against Florida typically find their way here,” the governor stated.

“DeSantis also had an answer to Newsom’s COVID criticism, saying deaths due to the virus were on-par with California’s when age-adjusted. However, he said, California had a higher percentage of ‘excess mortality’ since COVID started because of Newsom’s stricter policies,” Fox News reports.

“This is where I think his leadership has been terrible. If you look at excess mortality, California’s had a higher percentage of excess mortality since COVID started than Florida — so that includes COVID, but it’s not limited,” DeSantis said.

Read the full interview over at Fox News:

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