On Tuesday, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) claimed he hasn’t yet decided on how he plans to vote on the confirmation of Ketani Brown Jackson.

Romney made this claim appearing on The Source with Kasie Hunt, a show on CNN’s new streaming service CNN+, which debuted Tuesday.

Despite claiming to be undecided, he may have accidentally hinted at where he’s leaning by chiding Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee for “hot” rhetoric.

“Some colleagues on my side of the aisle, I thought, asked respectful questions and were able to elicit responses from her that I think were very helpful to those that are making an evaluation,” Romney said. “I think any setting like this that doesn’t show respect for the witness, or in this case the judge, is not the right way for us to go. We should show, in my opinion, more respect for one another. And so sometimes the rhetoric was a little hot.”

Apparently, questioning a potential Supreme Court justice on her record and judicial philosophy is “hot” rhetoric? Give me a break. By buying into the Democrat line that Republicans were somehow inappropriate for deigning to ask Jackson questions she didn’t want to answer.

To me, this signals that Romney will ultimately vote to confirm Jackson. If his main takeaway from the hearings is that Republicans were inappropriate, Mitt Romney will likely join with the Democrats.

Several other Republicans have come out against her confirmation, citing her weak-on-crime record and lack of forthcomingness about her judicial philosophy.

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