In the spirit of the Monty Python crew in Life of Brian, I find that President Biden suffers from incontinens lingua. The Wall Street Journal’s Gerard Baker refers to it in his column today as “verbal incontinence.”

At his press conference yesterday — the White House has posted the transcript here, John has posted the video here — Biden walked right back from the “walkbacks” performed on his behalf during his European trip.

Back at home, Biden required a cheat sheet laying out the “Tough Putin Q & A Talking Points” to “remember” or “clarify” what he meant to say. As Michael Walsh puts it: “All in all, it’s just another hair-raising moment in the funhouse ride from hell that has been the Biden ‘presidency’ so far.” The “mnemonic” assistance is indicative of the larger problem that has been staring us in the face for some time now.

Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin’ ears? As Pilate asks the centurions struggling to suppress their laughter in Life of Brian: “Do you find it risible?”

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