As if the Democratic Party didn’t have enough to worry about going into the midterm elections. Now they’ve got a pissed-off Joe Walsh on top of it all!

Ever since he decided he could make more money and squeeze more TV appearances out of being a Resistance flag-waver, Walsh has been fighting valiantly to defeat the scourge of Trumpism and see the Republican Party burnt the ground and salt the earth to ensure that the GOP is dead forever and ever. But somehow, despite Walsh’s best efforts, the GOP is not only persisting but thriving under Joe Biden’s leadership.

And now, Joe is utterly beside himself. How can the Democratic Party just sit there and let Republicans win when Republicans are literally destroying the very fabric of America?

When Joe Walsh starts busting out the F-bombs, you know it’s serious.

Literally burning it down, with torches and flamethrowers and gasoline and everything!

Not muskets, though. Because, you know, that’s Joe Walsh’s thing.

El. Oh. El.

Five and half years later and it’s still hilarious.

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