By now you’ve hopefully read my article about the unhackable Redo Voting system that has Washington, D.C. buzzing, or panicking, depending on how dedicated they are to fair and honest voting.

Many PJ Media readers had questions and concerns about Redo Voting, and the folks at Redo Voting were kind enough to take the time to address many of those here.

I highly recommend you check out their website: There is NO better way to ensure an honest vote than with Redo Voting.

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Here is a letter from the president of Redo Voting.

Dear Kevin,

We at Redo Voting would like to thank your readers who offered up useful, intelligent, constructive comments over the past two articles. In fact, we would like to thank everyone who took time to comment.

We remain confident that the system we have built addresses every legitimate concern raised, but there are a few important points that must be made clear.

First, we are a company that deals in “election integrity”. Our piece of the puzzle is to ensure that the election itself is universally accessible, completely secure, fully auditable, 100% transparent and that the results are precisely, unquestionably, and provably accurate. We are not a “voting integrity” company. Voting integrity is the responsibility of the state in the form of ensuring that state-issued IDs are in fact secure documents issued in compliance with Real ID standards and that the PII (Personal Identification Information) associated with each of those IDs truthfully represents the person to whom it is issued.

Second, as an election integrity company, we cannot protect you from corrupt government or corrupt political parties. What we can do is give you a clear, direct, un-hackable method for protecting yourselves by safeguarding your voice in deciding who your government representatives will be.

Good ideas, as well as good governance, can come from either or both sides of the aisle, as long as they remember that the parties simply represent different methodologies for achieving the great future America’s children deserve. Contention, disagreement, and rhetorical flourish are expected and should proliferate before an election so that the choices are clearly defined. Once an election is decided, however, we move forward as a country united in our quest for a strong, bright future. Absolute integrity, as well as the incorruptible perception of integrity, must be the standard in elections.

Very Respectfully,

John G. Rogers, DBA, Ph.D.

Founder/President, Redo Voting

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