“Grooming” has been in the news lately with the Florida parental rights bill getting signed by Governor Ron DeSantis. They allegedly discussed it at the Academy Awards that I didn’t watch. Radical progressive activists have been all over it, gaslighting people by calling it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” even as they ignore the fact that they want 5-year-olds to be indoctrinated into a perverse lifestyle.

They want to get them while they’re young before they start developing their own ideas about the world.

There are three distinct ways kids in America are getting groomed today. Technically, there are probably dozens of ways but these three stand out as being the most ubiquitous and destructive. Parents who are not paying close enough attention are letting their kids get brainwashed. It’s hard to be a parent in today’s always-on digital world, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be aware and act aggressively to prevent our kids from being victims of the ludicrous LGBTQIA+ agenda.

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I talked about it all in-depth on today’s episode of The Midnight Sentinel, which aired live on Red State Talk Radio during my 2pm Eastern time slot. But for the sake of those who want the meat and potatoes up front, here are the takeaways from the episode.

First and foremost, we have to understand that grooming is the ultimate gateway through which they can build more leftists and Democrats. They pretend like it’s a personal issue and not a political one, but invariably they tell children who “come out” as some form of LGBTQIA+ that conservatives and Republicans hate them. It doesn’t matter what else they feel about issues as they grow up. If the radical left can brainwash kids into thinking they’re transgender or whatever, they have enlisted them into the woke progressive Democrat army for when they reach voting age.

After they convert them to leftism, they push them towards Neo-Marxism and a collectivist ideology. Throughout the grooming experience, they are taking them as far away as possible from a Biblical worldview. It’s a process, but it doesn’t have to be a long one. Kids can go from normal and functional to fully indoctrinated in a very short period of time.

Before I get to the top three ways our kids are being groomed, it’s important to note the real solutions. This is often framed as a political or even purely cultural problem, but that only scratches the surface. This is a parental problem, one that will affect everyone in the long term whether you’re a parent of young children or not. They’re indoctrinating kids today who will be voters tomorrow and who will be leaders in the future. If we love America and our families, we will do whatever we can to stop this, and that doesn’t mean hoping Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump can save us.

It means acting now.

The three most pervasive grooming tools today are:

  • Hollywood, Especially Disney: In this article, Art Moore at WND breaks down what was said during a closed company call between leaders at Disney. Two prominent leaders expressed their intentions to spread the LGBTQIA+ agenda through children’s programming. Disney isn’t alone in this. It’s imperative that parents are mindful of what type of entertainment their kids are consuming.
  • Gaslighting, a la Florida: On the political side, the Florida bill has been central. The radical left have used it as a rally point to gaslight people into believing that opposition to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay Bill” is the only way not to be a bigot. Or to look at it from a different angle, anyone who opposes grooming young kids and supports parental rights is a bigot. In other words, they want teachers to have free rein and zero accountability for how our children are being groomed.
  • TikTok: I would do it injustice to try to squeeze into a bullet point all of the reasons why TikTok is the most dangerous app in the world. It is a pure grooming tool that is extremely addictive and has more influence over kids than either Hollywood or their teachers. That may be hard to believe for those who aren’t intimately familiar with how it’s AI-algorithm works or the psychology behind why kids view it as an authority, but I strongly encourage everyone to read this article to help them understand.

We need to get an understanding of all of these tools so we can fight them properly.

Perhaps more importantly, we have to stop just assuming that everyone who pushes for grooming has purely sexual motivations. It’s common for conservatives (I’ve done it myself) to assume this is all driven by pedophiles and perverts, but there’s a deeper, longer-lasting ideological shift that’s truly behind this. The powers-that-be see this as a pathway to either control or destroy America. Either way, they win.

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It’s also worth noting that Hollywood, educational indoctrination, and TikTok all have DIRECT ties to the Chinese Communist Party. One would be foolish to not assume they are squarely behind much of the push to make America “woke” and accepting of LGBTQIA+ supremacy.

If we don’t act on this today, we will have no tomorrow. Cultural Marxists in America have been active for some time, but today’s version is so much more aggressive and supported by far too many people.

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