Too busy to read my nonsense? Now you can listen to it in real-time!

SELF PROMOTION-O-RAMA! Listen to me for the next three Thursdays, 5:00-6:00 p.m. on Long Island’s 103.9 FM!

You can hear me for at least the next three Thursdays as I fill in for someone taking a break from Long Island’s best conservative talk station, 103.9 FM!

If you don’t live in Suffolk County, Long Island, you can hear it at

FACT-O-RAMA! Suffolk County, N.Y., located on Long Island, is the most populated New York county outside of New York City.

For the next three weeks or more, you can hear me try to trade my Michigan accent for a Tom Brokaw-esque voice as I tantalize you with my hatred for all things commie.

This is the tweet where I attempted to scare libs into listening to my show. I suspect they won’t because, in the end, they don’t really care about nature.

You have to click on the tweet to see the whole message.

Do you like my new pic? I took it myself. My girlfriend was too tired. It was really cold outside but I managed a fake smile. You’re welcome. Show biz is hard work.

You can also listen to your favorite PJ Media writers like Chris Queen as we discuss his new book, Neon Crosses. Robert Spencer has a book coming out and he will be on too. I’m going to try to wrangle Stephen Kruiser on as well. It will be interesting because, unlike our podcast, “Unwoke with Kevin and Kruiser,” he won’t be able to say f*** even once. Can he do it? Tune in and find out.

I also have two regular segments: Liberals Are Stupid and I Can Prove It” and “Snowflake of the Week.”

This is today’s “Snowflake of the Week” winner:

She’s the worst, right? All she had to do was not be an ass-goblin, but NOOOOO,…. She chose to be an ass-goblin. I hope she missed her funeral.

I have a huge list of things to make fun of. I have important people calling in. You can call in too and opine, even if you aren’t important (spoiler alert, you are important to ME).

The commies hate me because I love America, guns, the Constitution, more guns, cigars, bourbon, Elvis, and the little tab that lets you pick your gender when you buy an airplane ticket. I love it because it only lists two genders. Libs are dumb. Even Delta knows there are two genders. Duh!

P.S. I am not vaccinated, so wear a mask if you feel threatened by listening to me on the radio. It won’t help, but masks never helped anyway. Fauci is also an ass-goblin. A big, fat lying ass-goblin.

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