Outspoken liberal Rob Reiner posted a tweet on Friday declaring that the time is overdue to recognize the “success of Joe Biden’s Presidency.”

“It’s long past time that we acknowledge the sure handed, effective, grace under fire, success of Joe Biden’s Presidency,” Reiner declared.

Many Americans would likely beg to differ, as they suffer under the heavy financial strain of sky high gas prices and soaring inflation.

As of Friday, the AAA national average for a gallon of regular gas was $4.215. High gas prices hurt drivers directly when they fill up their vehicles, but fuel prices can also drive up the cost of transporting goods, which can in turn drive up the prices consumers are charged for various products.

President Biden has long been underwater in various job approval polls. If high Inflation, high gas prices, and President Biden’s unpopularity persist, Democrats could get walloped during the midterm elections later this year.

While Reiner posted the tweet on April Fools’ Day, given his openly leftward leanings, the tweet was not meant to be a joke.

“The irony of this dude tweeting this on 4/1,” someone tweeted in response to Reiner’s post.

“Say you’re out of touch without saying you’re out of touch,” someone else tweeted.

“You have to be smoking Hunter Biden levels of crack to believe this,” Blaze Media’s Steve Deace tweeted.

“Classic April Fool!” Monica Crowley tweeted.

“I stand corrected: April Fool’s Day jokes CAN be funny,” Christian Toto tweeted.

“Maybe you really are a comedian. The only people that think Joe has done a good job are those that are isolated from the impact of his destructive policies. This includes leftist Hollywood hacks who have no idea of the impact that high inflation has on America,” someone else tweeted.

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