For a number of years, Americans have been moving, on net, from blue states to red states. That trend was accentuated by the coronavirus epidemic, as living in red states was generally a lot more normal, and pleasant, than living in blue states. This chart shows the net migration of income in and out of states during the pandemic. There are no surprises: California, New York, and Illinois were huge losers, and Florida was the overwhelming winner:

It would be interesting to see the same data presented in per capita terms. The biggest winners and losers were, naturally, the biggest states. My own state, Minnesota, lost something like $2 billion in income. If the data were shown in per capita terms, Minnesota would be one of the biggest losers, although not, to be fair, at the same level as California and New York.

Covid didn’t create a lot of new trends. Mostly, it shook things up and caused people to re-think what they were doing. As a result, it magnified trends that were already in being.

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