Ana Navarro sounds like a broken, uninformed, sad little record in this tweet about Critical Race Theory. You’d think by now the media (and we guess she’s part of the media) would know this claim doesn’t fly because we all know Critical Race Theory IS being taught in schools via teacher training and behind other names like Social-Emotional Learning.

But then again, nobody ever accused Ana of being all that bright.

Not to mention her CAPSLOCK button seems to be broken.

Ana is just so bad at this … all of this. Maybe Twitter just isn’t her thing.

Scott Walker with the common-sense takedown. With CAPS even!

Right? What’s the big deal? If it’s not being taught why does banning it bother so many people?

Like Ana.


Calling Ana a gaslighting fraud is an insult to gaslighting frauds everywhere.

Mindless muppet.

That works.

Tsk tsk, missing the CAPSLOCK.

Banning it certainly DOES keep it that way.

Annnnnnnnd we’re dead.



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