What does that make now — nine staffers in fourteen months? Ten? Whatever the count was before today, add another to it:

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’s deputy chief of staff Michael Fuchs is leaving the administration, the latest top aide from her office to announce a departure, according to an internal staff memo seen by Reuters.

Fuchs, who served as a foreign policy advisor to former President Bill Clinton and worked in senior roles at the U.S. State Department under former President Barack Obama’s administration, advised Harris on domestic and international issues, helped manage staff and often accompanied her on foreign trips.

“Helped manage staff” seems to be the big issue here, although having to accompany Kamala Harris on her embarrassing foreign trips probably wears on the soul, too. The constant word salad of an unprepared Harris likely frustrated Fuchs as much as the constant turnover in her office in the first fourteen months of the Joe Biden White House. Fuchs would have grown more accustomed to stability, or at least professionalism, in the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Tellingly, Fuchs apparently doesn’t have any immediate plans after his departure. And he’s not looking to land on Biden’s team, or at least that’s how this appears when reading between the lines:

He will remain in his current role until early May to “ensure a smooth transition” and will announce his next steps at a later date, according to the memo to staff.

One month’s notice is not exactly walking off the job, but it’s not a generous amount of time for senior advisers and managers either.

The Daily Mail puts the exodus count at eleven so far, counting Fuchs. In the previous ten departures, Harris’ comms team has taken the biggest hit thus far:

Harris has lost 10 staffers since June. The vice president’s office could employ up to around 50 staffers at any given time.

Of the four-person senior press shop that began with Harris, only one remains – Herbie Ziskend. Ziskend will be promoted to senior advisor for communications, according to an email sent to an internal email shared with

The shakeup of the vice president’s press team comes under the direction of new communications director Jamal Simmons. The reset came as both the president and vice president sought to step up public engagement to battle low poll numbers.

Thus far that hasn’t shown much fruit. Paul Bedard takes note today of a new Ramussen poll showing Harris’ numbers still mired underwater, with a majority rating her as unqualified for the presidency:

After recently stumbling over her words on several topics, Rasmussen found that 54% do not believe the former California senator is qualified to be president. Just 42% do.

And it is notable that 45% see Harris as “not at all qualified” to be president, according to the poll previewed by Secrets.

Not surprisingly, then, voters have an unfavorable opinion of Harris. Just 40% view the first female vice president favorably compared to 56% who have an unfavorable opinion.

Harris can keep trying to reset her comms team, but that won’t solve anything. The problem isn’t the sales pitch. It’s the product, and voters know it.

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