On Sunday, rapper Cardi B revealed what she thought of her fans, calling them her “f***ing dumb*** fan base.”

The rapper then deactivated her Twitter account after she had skipped the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. She wrote with her famed eloquence on Twitter:

I’m deleting my Twitter but [oh] God I hate this f***ing dumba** fan base. You got the slow dumba**es dragging my kids all cause y’all though [sic] I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t the f***? When the f*** I hinted I was going? Just f***ing stupid. I can’t. I needs to protect myself. 

Cardi B then visited the RICHBICH Clinic in Midtown Manhattan to undergo a $250 “BrightBich” bleaching procedure and laser hair removal, again writing with unmatched class, “I’m at RICHBICH Clinic getting my porn star p**** on. I’m talking about getting it lasered, getting it bleached, Peloton ready, you know?… You’ve gotta laser. You’ve gotta wax. You’ve gotta do a little bleaching. It’s like chef’s kiss p****. Let’s go! I’m ready to take the pain. F*** that,” The Daily Mail noted.

“The Up hitmaker — who won a Grammy in 2019 — still has 198.1M followers remaining over her Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud accounts,” The Daily Mail reported, adding, that she “previously deactivated her Twitter in March 2021 and October 2020.”

In April 2021, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion performed their song “WAP” at the 2021 Grammy Awards, complete with stripper poles and the two women grinding on one another. Republican Representative Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin lashed out in a one-minute speech on the House floor calling out the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for allowing the explicit performance to air on broadcast television.

On the floor of the House, Grothman said, “John Adams said our Constitution is fit for a moral and religious people and is wholly inadequate to the government of every other — of any other,”  The Daily Wire reported.

He continued, “The average American watches about 30 hours a week on broadcast TV and, of course, what starts on broadcast TV winds up on other screens, as well. The Federal Communications Commission is tasked with keeping obscene and indecent content off the airwaves. While there are some especially responsible parents who raise their children with no TV in the house at all, as a practical matter, broadcast TV affects the moral norms of the nation.”

“I have received complaints in my office — and rightfully so — about Cardi B and the Grammys,” he added. “They wonder why we are paying the FCC if they feel that this should be in living rooms across the nation. … I realize that Kamala Harris has used her fame to promote this performer, but I assure the FCC that millions of Americans would view her performance as inconsistent with basic decency. Wake up, FCC, and begin to do your job. The moral decline of America is partly due to your utter complacency.”

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