The number of teachers posting crazy crap on Tik Tok about what they do during class time when they should be teaching students is so numerous that a weekly segment might be necessary to keep up. This newest member of the “I have to tell little children I’m gay or I’ll cease to exist” club is “Mr. E.”

I spent way more time than I wanted to on Mr. E’s channel on Tik Tok trying to identify the school in which he works. Unfortunately, the name of the school was not visible in any of the hundreds of videos he’s made inside his alleged classroom. Mr. E says he teaches fifth grade. Libs of Tik Tok found a video of Mr. E claiming to have “come out” to his students about being gay. It appears that he has deleted this video from his Tik Tok.

“I ended up telling my students that I was gay,” he said. “How it came up is one of the students [said] ‘My mom thinks you’re gay because of your voice.” This would have been the perfect moment for Mr. E to tell that student, “Gossiping about teachers at home is unkind and that’s none of your or your mom’s business.” But he didn’t do that. First, he said “Maybe, maybe not,” which also would have been an acceptable answer if he went back to teaching. He didn’t.

“I have the LGBT promotional, like, ‘this is a safe community’ kind of stuff, the rainbow stuff all up in my room and I told them if you look around the room that should answer your question.” What happened after that is insane. “They went berserk,” he said. “So instead of teaching Social Studies today they just asked me a bunch of questions about being gay.”

I like the fact that he called the LGBT propaganda “promotional” material because that’s an honest description of what it is. It’s the equivalent of the Chick Tracts that fundamentalist Christians used to hand out to people in the ’80s (and it seems they still have them).

These teachers are why the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill had to be passed and should be replicated across the country. Our kids are failing on the world stage. They do not compete with countries like Japan and China, and the major reason is that their heads are being filled with cult beliefs instead of math and science.

Mr. E’s Tik Tok is a rather sad affair. He appears to be a very lonely guy. For that, I’m sorry. But the children in his classes are not a stand-in for a life partner or a friend. They don’t need to validate a grown man and his sexual preferences. Mr. E spends way too much time trying to get the students to notice him than he appears to spend teaching. Here’s a sad example. He made a video talking about whether or not he should paint his nails so the kids will notice. Why is a grown-up spending any time at all trying to get 10-year-olds to notice his gayness?


#gayticktockers🌈 #nailpolish #menandnailpolish #fypシ

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Another video he made showed him detailing a cruel April Fool’s joke on his students where he planned to give them a long and difficult test they weren’t prepared for, tell them it would affect their grades, and make them full of anxiety and fear. If a teacher did this to my kids who already struggle with anxiety about grades I’d be livid. It’s unkind and cruel.


#gaytiktokers🏳️‍🌈 #teachersoftiktok #aprilfoolsprank #aprilfirst #fypシ

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Where are the sane members of school administrations who will put a stop to this? Why is one group of people allowed to talk to students about their sex lives without consequence? What would happen if straight teachers did this? Would parents be okay with a straight male teacher being “open” about his sexuality with students? Or would that guy get investigated?

When will all of this end? If anyone knows the school where Mr. E is employed, please let us know. PJ Media would like to reach out to the school and find out what their policies are about talking to students about sexuality. In case Mr. E deletes his videos, I’ve recorded them in a YouTube video below with my comments.

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