As we’ve said before, the Left seems determined to use public schools to drive a wedge between teachers and administrators and parents. Teachers just don’t trust parents to raise their children with the correct values, so they argue to instruct (indoctrinate) children as much as they can without interference from parents, who are now showing up at school board meetings and acting like domestic terrorists.

As we’ve recently reported, Gov. Ron DeSantis featured at a press conference a mother who learned that the school had drawn up a “transition plan” for her child without her knowledge or input. And we told you about the school with a “transition closet,” so that kids can come to school in the clothes their parents picked out for them and then change clothes at school to fit their gender identity — without having to tell their parents.

Here’s audio from a video conference in which a seventh-grader, who has a younger sibling in school but doesn’t know their pronouns, who says they felt supported by the school guidance counselor, who helped them come out of the closet in fifth grade.

“The school’s equity coordinator.”

It’s amazing how much we’ve learned about schools ever since the COVID epidemic pull all of these meetings and seminars online. Imagine how many other school districts follow the exact same protocols and we just haven’t heard about it yet because they’ve kept it well hidden.


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