Last week, Elon Musk was hinting at getting involved in the social media world, especially when it comes to free speech. Only a complete moron would believe Twitter hasn’t always been and continues to be completely biased against certain groups of people. This editor, for example, is a conservative woman with over 100k followers and clearly works for a legit media conglomerate, but Twitter refuses to verify, claiming the account is ‘problematic’ or ‘not important enough.’

Meanwhile, obit editors with 200 followers from a small paper in Oregon are verified …

Anyway, let’s hope that’s all about to CHANGE because shiznit just got real:

And as we all know, Elon is a free-speech absolutist.

THIS is gonna be fun.

Let’s hope he does INDEED start to shake things up.

RIGHT before the midterms too.

An even playing field … wow. Good luck, Lefties.



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