President Joe Biden was widely mocked on social media on Tuesday after video appeared to show him being ignored by attendees of a White House event.

Former President Barack Obama was in attendance for a ceremony marking the 12th anniversary of Obamacare as Biden signed an executive order directing federal agencies to do everything in their power to expand healthcare coverage.

Video from the event did show that Biden was engaged with people who were gathered, but footage captured later showed him seemingly not being paid attention to by others.

Notable responses to the clips included:

  • Dania Alexandrino, journalist: “This is really sad. He looks lost. Our enemies are laughing at the USA. They used to fear us, now they laugh at us.”
  • Amanda House, Breitbart: “I can’t stop watching this… Everyone fan-girling over Obama and Biden doesn’t even get crumbs.”
  • Alberto Miguel Fernandez, retired U.S. diplomat: “For once, this really makes me feel bad for the guy, as he forlornly gazes at the crowd hanging on Obama’s every word while Biden wanders about aimlessly.”
  • Joe Concha, The Hill: “This is almost out of a movie.”
  • Harmeet Dhillon, attorney: “This is sad. But seriously what is going on? Normally a president is surrounded by flacks and handlers. How do they just leave him alone like this? Something very odd is going on here.”
  • Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire: “Obama returning to the White House while Biden goes back to being the irrelevant dullard he always was must be quite difficult for Democrats. After all, Biden is the anchor to which they are tied.”
  • Kenny Wallace, race car driver: “I would not wish this on anyone. Republican or Democrat. This is very sad.”
  • Matthew Betley, political commentator: “I’d almost feel badly for him if he weren’t doing such a good job of destroying our country. The irony is that this is like that SNL skit where all the world leaders shunned Trump, but it’s happening to Biden by his own people in real life.”
  • Tommy Pigott, RNC: “Not only is Biden completely ignored AGAIN, Biden tries to turn Obama around and Obama completely shrugs him off.”
  • John Cardillo, political commentator: “Silver Alert!”
  • Clay Travis, political commentator: “Obama came to the White House today, immediately got mobbed, and no one wanted to talk to Biden.”
  • Stephen L. Miller, political commentator: “No one in the room even paying attention to him. Man…”
  • Dave Rubin, podcaster: “Good lord this is sad…”
  • Mercedes Schlapp, GOP strategist: “No video better sums up the Biden presidency. The man is a puppet and nobody likes him. Not even his own party.”

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