Justice Amy Coney Barrett was interviewed by Fred Ryan, Chairman of the Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute at the Reagan Library in a wide-ranging discussion on numerous topics including whether cameras should be added to the Supreme Court and how Americans should read a decision from the high court.


“Does (the decision) read like something that was purely results driven and designed to impose the policy preferences of the majority, or does this read like it actually is an honest effort and persuasive effort, even if one you ultimately don’t agree with, to determine what the Constitution and precedent requires?” she asked.

Americans should judge the court — or any federal court — by its reasoning, she said. “Is its reasoning that of a political or legislative body, or is its reasoning judicial?” she asked.

To the left, there is no difference between the reasoning of a political body or a federal court. For them, justice must bend to the political winds. Politics is the only reasoning that matters.

The program was interrupted by a heckler who screamed that Barrett was an “enslaver of women,” apparently because of her anti-abortion position.

I guess the heckler thinks that having babies is the same as being enslaved.

Without batting an eyelash, the mother of seven responded to the heckler.

“As a mother of seven, I am used to distractions and sometimes even outbursts,” which elicited a round of applause and laughter from the capacity crowd.

Here’s the entire interview. (The segment with the heckler was deleted by the Library.)

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