Despite even the most desperate efforts to destroy him, Ron DeSantis is still Governor of Florida. More than persisting, he’s flourishing. Not even the Grim Reaper has been able to take him down.

But DeSantis’ critics are nothing if not persistent, and they’re not going to give up easily. That goes double for the Miami Herald, who’s come after DeSantis plenty of times and missed.

This time, the Miami Herald’s got DeSantis dead to rights. No way he survives this one:

Dude. Whoa. Busted.

We’re all dying to know what Ron DeSantis has to say for himself after this. Hopefully he’ll tell us … after he catches his breath from laughing hysterically.

Oh, but it is. Nothing fake about the Miami Herald’s journalism. No sirree.

They really did. The “fake news site” Ron DeSantis’ campaign used to raise money was … The Babylon Bee:

If this is the best oppo out there on Ron DeSantis, DeSantis is gonna be better than fine.

Another swing and a miss, Miami Herald.

That’s what it essentially boils down to. And it keeps blowing up in the Miami Herald’s face! Maybe they should seriously consider quitting while they’re behind.


Well played. We can’t say that about the Miami Herald’s own efforts.

Keep up the great work.



Miami Herald columnist offers up half-a**ed apology after wishing death on Trump and DeSantis supporters

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