A top Palestinian Muslim scholar claimed on Turkish television Jews instigated the war in Ukraine in order to establish a new Jewish state there and that they now believe the embattled country is where “the Temple and biblical Jerusalem are located.”

According to Mraweh Nassar, the Secretary-General of the Jerusalem Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, “America has forsaken the [Jews],” so they have decided to realign with Russian and China. The U.S., Nassar claimed, has told Israel: “Your [Zionist] project is a failure, and you are bound to come to an end — if not this year, then the next.

“The Americans understand that they are supporting a failed project, so [the Israelis] are looking for an alternative, which can be Russia or [China].”

Nassar made his remarks, which were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), on Turkey’s Channel 9, an Arabic-language outlet affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

A picture taken on March 27, 2022 shows a plaque at the Menorah memorial, set on the place of a mass killing of Jewish people by Nazis during WWII, a day after it was damaged in a Russian shelling. (SERGEY BOBOK/AFP via Getty Images)

Nassar went on to say that as a result of the U.S. abandoning them, “all the Jews,” including Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu  — “are now convinced that Palestine cannot be the state for the Jews. So, they started saying that holy Jerusalem is in Ukraine and not in Palestine. Ukraine is now the candidate to become the future Jewish state.”

“They are now saying that the Temple and biblical Jerusalem are located in Ukraine and not in Palestine,” Nassar said. “If this does not work, tomorrow they might say that they are in the Netherlands.”

“Perhaps one of the reasons [the Jews] instigated this war was to empty out Ukraine,” Nassar conjectured.

Watch for yourself below:

Nassar’s diatribe became even more bizarre when he told viewers about the existence of  Jewish state in Ukraine. “The whole world knows about the Jewish state in eastern Ukraine. I remembered that there were 43,000 [Jews] there, but now they say 200,000.”

“It is an independent state, and they did not want to spread the word about it, so they would not be told to go there rather than come to Palestine,” he claimed.

The scholar then threw in a bit of Holocaust denial, for good measure.

“Even in the false Holocaust… There is a book written by a Jew, which asks ‘Who killed the Jews?’ They were offered to take the Jews for five dollars each. They took one look, saw that most of them were old, and said: ‘We don’t want them.’ A Jew wrote this book and said: ‘We killed the Jews’ — that is what he means — ‘because we refused to accept 100,000 or 200,000 Jews who were in Germany, in exchange for a handful of dollars.’”

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