“Take a lesson from your two-year old … Just say No.” 

Those words belong to Todd Callender, an international lawyer who is the leader of a group trying to stop the Biden regime’s effort to destroy the U.S. military via injections of the so-called vaccine that contains HIV that will kill the immunity protection found in human beings. Mr. Callender and his associates now represent nearly 500,000 U.S. military personnel who have refused to take the shot, or, if they have already taken one, are refusing to take another.

Only the President can order the military to be inoculated against their will and he has not done so. As a result, Sec/Def Austin and his 4-star thugs are acting illegally by insisting on the deadly vaccinations; he and they are therefore criminals and a traitors, the latter because Austin’s knowing destruction of the U.S. military gives aid and comfort to China, Russia, Iran, and other foes of America.

Mr. Callender also said that all 50 states are building FEMA camps to incarcerate Americans, although to have been stopped for now by judicial decisions. He also added that  Americans should know that the next plague that will be loosed upon them is called Marburg’s Disease — aka; Hemorrhagic Fever — and that the Biden administration plans to release that death-causer soon and then mandate that Americans sick with the disease be forced into the FEMA camps.

Biden and his gang, the globalists, many other national governments, and the UN, have no other goal in mind than committing an effective genocide against their own populations. The time is here for resistance in all possible forms starting with, as Mr. Callender advised, just saying no to Biden’s government of murderers. And, as Colonel Mike said, Trump better get off his ass and onto the stump, admit he was duped by Fauci, and tell the American people the truth as it was given here today by Mr. Callender!

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