New York City must have solved all its rampant crime problems — Mayor Eric Adams apparently has nothing better to do than mind the business of a state 1,000 miles away. In a Tuesday presentation on the steps of Gotham’s town hall, Adams slammed the democratically passed Florida Parental Rights in Education law, saying, “This political showmanship of attempting to demonize a particular group or community is unacceptable.” New York City’s religious and conservative communities (what’s left of them) were unavailable for comment.

“And we say to those who are living in Florida, listen, we want you here in New York,” pitched Adams. “And it’s more than just saying that. It’s also standing up and aligning ourselves with the men and women” (Oops! The non-binaries are going to ding him for that) “of the LGBTQ+ community and stating that we are in unison with you and your right to have self-identification, your right to live the lifestyle and live the lives that you choose to live without any form of harassment.” New Yorkers who like to wear MAGA hats were unavailable for comment.

Hizzoner went on to announce that NYC would be putting up billboards in the Florida cities of Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach (which, he claims, will be paid for with private donations and not taxpayer money).

The mayor’s video announcement of the initiative featured aids holding up posters depicting what the advertisement will look like. One of them hilariously says, “Come to the city where you can say whatever you want.” Sure — unless you prefer not to participate in a delusional person’s fantasy, in which case you can be fined up to $250,000. Check out this list of things you can’t say in the “city where you can say whatever you want:”

Examples of Violations

a.  Intentional or repeated refusal to use a person’s name, pronouns, or title. For example, repeatedly calling a transgender woman “him” or “Mr.” after she has made clear that she uses she/her and Ms.

b.  Refusal to use a person’s name, pronouns, or title because they do not conform to gender stereotypes. For example, insisting on calling a non-binary person “Mr.” after they have requested to be called “Mx.”

c.  Conditioning a person’s use of their name on obtaining a court-ordered name change or providing identification in that name. For example, a covered entity may not refuse to call a transgender man who introduces himself as Manuel by that name because his identification lists his name as Maribel.

Mighty Florida Gov. Ron “47” DeSantis clapped back Tuesday afternoon. In extemporaneous comments during a presser, the alpha gov said of NYC leadership, “They’re the ones who will force a mask on your face and muzzle you in public. … And then, they just fired somebody who was criticizing the mayor for masking these toddlers.” 47 added incredulously, “They still make toddlers wear masks in New York. That is just so fundamentally wrong.” Then DeSantis brought it home, saying, “If you speak up for the kids, then they fire you from your job. And so, no wonder why they’re having so [many] problems.”

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The end goal of Big Left is to subsume absolutely every organization, municipality, government, corporation, and institution into the program, so everything becomes first and foremost an organ for promoting Leftist propaganda. Germany’s Nationalist Socialists called it Gleichschaltung — “coordination” — the process by which all political, social, and cultural institutions are forced to become extensions of the party. Schools are an important part of this process.

In Free Florida, the people have elected to block Far Left teachers from disorienting, confusing, and grooming very young children into the pathology of gender theory. This is nothing more than common sense, just as teachers aren’t supposed to instruct six-year-olds in any aspect of human sexuality. Florida’s child-protection law does nothing to prohibit normal, non-radical gay people from enjoying a life of liberty in the Sunshine State. But if the strident, child-manipulating, woke activists in the LGBTQ community want to heed the mayor’s call and move north, I am sure most Floridians will say he’s welcome to them.

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