Megyn Kelly nailed down why so-called inclusive terms like “birthing people” and “chest feeding” are so offensive, arguing that they were all part of “an effort” aimed at “eradicating women” entirely.

During Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast Tuesday, Kelly spoke with Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan, and the two talked about his book “The Truth and Beauty.” Their chat centered on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and how it’s basically a “horror story” about the creation of a man “without a mother” and that the science “eliminates the principle of femininity” from the creation of “human life.”

Klavan talked about the scientific facts behind the connection between mothers and babies, saying that because they are born with “motor neurons,” they “aren’t distinguished in their own minds from their mother. They are actually still connected to their mother, even though they are outside the womb.”

“It’s in that interchange between the mother and the child those motor neurons come to life that the child realizes themselves as an individual and as a creative person,” the author explained. “And can go forth on his own. This is a spiritual task of motherhood that we don’t think about.”

Kelly pointed out Klavan’s comment that perhaps “by losing our genders and our mortality we will have lost our essential selves.” Their chat picks up in the longer clip and starts at the 59:35 minute mark.

The host asked Klavan about his claim that the “humanizing task of feminity” includes “creating life out of matter, homes out of houses, minds out of brains, and souls out of bodies.”

“Think about that, perhaps your feminity is essential to self or your masculinity depending on the case,” Kelly shared. “I never thought of my femininity as central to my essential self. But it is.”

“To me this whole discussion explains why I personally and many other women and men for that matter have such a visceral reaction … when you use terms like ‘chest feeding’ or like ‘people who have vaginas’ instead of women, ‘birthing peoples,’” she added.

“It’s offensive,” Kelly continued. “It deeply cuts. I haven’t been able to define why. I just know it’s really offensive to me. That is not an inclusive effort. That this is an effort, along the Mary Shelley lines, of eradicating women. Of erasing us entirely. Of changing things that I know are fundamental to me although I hadn’t been able to articulate why.”

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