You might want to sit down for this — otherwise someone will be able to knock you over with a feather. It seems that congressional Democrats aren’t polling too well at the moment:

Crazy, right? Who would’ve thought that the Child Tax Credit payments being over and done with would’ve made the Democrats lose their luster, especially once people started having to file their income taxes?

But, well, here we are. Republicans are looking like the better option to voters, and that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Except it was inevitable. And now, concerned liberals like MSNBC host Chris Hayes can’t cope:

Damn you, Joe Manchin! He is one of 48 Democratic Senators (technically Angus King and Bernie Sanders are Independent), but he somehow controls everything. He’s like a … Svenjolly! Or something.

To liberals, Joe Manchin is simultaneously the most useless Democrat and the most powerful Democrat. Who knew that was possible? We learn something new every day!

And obviously, the only explanation for Democrats’ declining popularity is Joe Manchin and not any of their garbage policies. Obviously. Isn’t that right, Chris Hayes?

Maybe, just maybe, voters are tired of Democrats overpromising and underdelivering and just all-around making everything worse.

It’s almost as if Chris is too content to stay in his ivory tower, averting his eyes from the world so he can remain comfortably nestled in his bed, safely underneath his 5000-thread-count sheets.

Alas, Chris Hayes will never be safe from reality. Or from Joe Manchin. Not even in his bed:

Ooga-booga, Chris.

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