Fox News host Greg Gutfeld predicted that President Joe Biden would not “be there for 2024,” saying on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five” that he expected Democrats to push him toward retirement at the end of his current term in office.

Gutfeld also predicted that Biden was likely to pardon his son Hunter Biden — who is still under federal investigation for his foreign business dealings, some of which were undertaken while his father was serving as vice president to former President Barack Obama.

The panel discussion focused on the president’s embattled son and recent reports confirming the veracity of emails found on a laptop allegedly belonging to him — and originally exposed in a report from the New York Post — which made him the focus of a federal investigation.

“The Five” co-host Dana Perino said that she would not necessarily be surprised to see the Justice Department indict the younger Biden — and she expected the White House to keep its distance from the investigation — but she also thought it possible that the DOJ might “slow-walk” it until after the next election.

“I worked at DOJ for a little while, I was a spokesperson — one of the many spokespeople there, basically you would learn 101 ways to say no comment, which is what the White House and DOJ is trying to do right now,” Perino said. “They don’t have to be told this is super sensitive, they know if there is one iota that it looks like Joe Biden was involved in some way or influenced in some way, the White House messaging … what chief of staff just said … That will all blow apart.”

Gutfeld disagreed, saying that he thought it far more likely the DOJ would “fast-walk” any possible indictment.

“I think… Joe is not going to be there for 2024, right? And they’re going to tell him that he’s got to go back home. But the tradeoff, is that he gets to pardon Hunter,” Gutfeld explained, repeating that they would “fast walk it so they can pardon him, and then Joe will leave.”

Gutfeld went on to say that he did believe Attorney General Merrick Garland would indict Hunter if it came to that, but possibly for some “minor tax issue” that did not require prison time. “Or maybe it is money laundering and a lot of time and the President of the United States has to pardon his son and say, I will not run for re-election,” he continued.

“Right now, it is a containment operation, doing everything to make sure this doesn’t touch the president,” Gutfeld concluded.

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