Today is International Asexuality Day. Before you head to your celebratory feasts I thought I’d drop in here to mention that the LGBTQWTF squad is attempting, once again, to groom your daughters into their cult through pathologizing normal female sexuality. This type of salesmanship is not geared toward adults who know their sexuality but towards minors and teens who still don’t, mostly because of age and inexperience (or lack thereof). Normal humans left alone about sexuality figure out who they are attracted to without much difficulty in the later years of high school or college.

The pernicious lie about “asexuality” is that it targets kids who have not yet figured out or have no interest in sex and sexuality and puts them on the LGBTQ spectrum if they simply aren’t interested or are repulsed by the thought of sexual activity (which most kids are, if they have had a decent childhood free from abuse).

The definition of “asexuality” according to the cult is truly stunning. “Asexual describes people who experience little to no sexual attraction,” says The infographic going around online continues, “Asexual people may never experience sexual attraction, or rarely experience it, or only under certain circumstances.” Well, that’s clear … NOT. What are the “circumstances”? Perhaps when it’s appropriate? The infographic describes every 13-year-old girl I know, including myself at that age. “Asexual people may have no libido, or low libido, or typical libido, or high libido.” Huh? How do you have a high libido and not experience sexual desire? Do you see how this “definition” describes everyone? Normal sex drive comes and goes for everyone depending on age and sex and circumstance. It is not a pathology or a new sexuality; it’s just normal.

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“Asexual people may be favorable towards having sex, indifferent towards having sex, averse towards having sex, or repulsed by having sex,” it continues. I don’t know about you, but the sexuality cult freaks have definitely repulsed me with their idea of sex, and it wouldn’t surprise me if an entire generation feels that repulsion after the bastardization of human sexuality we’ve all been exposed to for so long.

By this definition, asexuality means nothing and everything. Anyone with any amount of sex drive can be “asexual.” All this is is an onramp into the LGBTQWTF cult. You don’t have to have any skin in the game, so to say, to be identified as a co-opted sexuality that has no coherent definition but comes with all the perks of suddenly being an oppressed minority that gets celebrated constantly. Your child will be showered with attention and praise the minute they “come out” anywhere on the rainbow spectrum. This is a political game and it’s being played on your kids.

The infographic goes on to say, “Asexual people may differentiate forms of attraction such as Romantic Attraction, Aesthetic Attraction, Sensual Attraction, Emotional Attraction, Intellectual Attraction, Platonic Attraction, Spiritual Attraction, and more. And they may experience some of these rarely or not at all.”

They’ve completely co-opted every form of normal sexuality under a term meant to place people who feel “romantically attracted” to someone (which is another totally normal female sexuality characteristic) under an LGBTQWTF umbrella. Why? It’s not hard to figure out.

“Asexuality is a spectrum, an umbrella, and a shield. If the label feels right, use it,” the infographic concludes. There’s the crux: the LGBTQWTF cult is offering a shield to your kid that will protect them from being a “straight bigot.” It places them on the rainbow and in the camp that agitates on behalf of a political movement. It’s about votes. It’s about power. It’s certainly not about love or acceptance. Why would a straight girl want to stay outside the cover of this protective shield from her normal adolescent feelings of shyness and self-doubt and non-interest in sexuality or her desire for romantic love — all totally normal feelings for straight girls? Why would she want to fight this storm without an umbrella? It’s so much easier to put on a rainbow shirt and join the in-crowd under the guise that you’re doing something good and joining a movement that is about “love and acceptance.”

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Except that, once she gets into it, the real grooming begins and the next thing she knows, the “asexual” straight girl is told she’s really a boy and the path to medicalization begins. Normal female sexuality is being pathologized by people who think it’s okay to sterilize women and mutilate their genitalia. We need to start talking to our adolescent children more about what constitutes normal, healthy sexuality because the groomers are working overtime on the propaganda. Where is our response?

I sat my teenager down a few days ago and had a very frank talk with her about the sexual grooming going on that is targeting girls like her. It’s time to normalize normal female sexuality and stop letting these people redefine it to grow their troops. Female sexuality is being erased and co-opted into an anti-female organization that tells lesbians they’re transphobic if they won’t be raped by a “girl dick.” That’s not fake news. That’s real. Women are under attack from this misogynistic cult and it’s time for us to wake up and exit from this male-centered attempt to erase us, our identities, our sex, our sexuality, and our rights.

Helena, a rising star in the world of detransition, has a wonderful thread on Twitter about this very issue. “It’s telling girls if [you’re] not like those women in the media and in all the memes who seem to love being ‘hoes’, if [you] don’t want to have a bunch of sex with a bunch of men, if sex isn’t something that’s a huge part of your personality, there’s something inherently other about you,” she wrote.

This is so dangerous to young girls. There’s nothing wrong with them if they are not hypersexual or don’t approach sex like men. This is normal female sexuality. The way female sexuality is depicted on television by hyper-aggressive and sexually promiscuous women is what is abnormal.

Helena observed, “It’s the women who are overly promiscuous, obsessed, and indiscriminate about sex that are different. But young girls today don’t understand this. they think they are queer or even TRANS because of this.”

This is why it is incredibly important for us mothers to start talking to our daughters about what normal female sexuality is. There’s nothing wrong with them. They are not on a rainbow spectrum. They are simply normal, straight females with normal feelings. The pathologizing of normal female sexuality is a targeted campaign to remove our daughters from us and to erase everything that is female. Women need to stop this right now. The patriarchy is rising and it’s flying a rainbow flag.

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