A city in California is reportedly planning to give universal basic income to transgender and nonbinary residents, assuming that they meet a poverty threshold, after local officials held a vote approving the plan last week.

“Transgender residents in Palm Springs, California are eligible to receive a UBI of up to $900 per month solely for identifying as transgender or nonbinary — no strings attached,” Fox News reported. “The new pilot program will have $200,000 set aside for allocation after a unanimous vote by the Palm Springs City Council last week.”

The program, which is being run in partnership with DAP Health and Queer Works, would roll out in three phases, according to the a report from the Palm Springs city council:

This proposal identifies transgender or nonbinary individuals living in Palm Springs as the targeted recipients of the pilot program. Transgender and nonbinary individuals are identified as particularly vulnerable to unemployment, homelessness, assault, and discrimination.

The proposal submitted by Queer Works outlines three broad phases for the guaranteed income pilot: 1) application and design, 2) announcement and launch; and 3) recruitment and onboarding. The $200,000 financial commitment is intended to support the application and design phase. This phase is expected to take approximately six months and will include drafting and submitting a proposal for additional state funding, raising additional funds needed as cash match for the project, community engagement and feedback and finalizing eligibility requirements.

Fox News wrote that “Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio, a Republican who served as the first openly gay member of the city council,” slammed the program as “woke” in a statement.

“We’re completely opposed to guaranteed or universal basic income programs, because they ultimately cause inflation and raise the cost of living on everyone — they don’t work,” DeMaio said. “But at least some of them have minimum income requirements to qualify, whereas this one is no-strings-attached ‘woke’ virtue signaling to the LGBT community in a way that is not only offensive but discriminatory.”

“The Palm Beach pilot program is part of broader trend of cities — like Stockton, Los Angeles and San Francisco — providing supplemental income to at-risk residents,” NBC Los Angeles reported. “The application period for Los Angeles County’s guaranteed income program began last week. The program will give 1,000 county residents $1,000 per month for three years.”


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