Russian models denied the chance to buy Chanel products by the company are videoing themselves cutting up their expensive accessory bags in protest.

Chanel shut down its stores in Russia and will not sell their products to people who will take them back Russia, the BBC reported, adding:

Chanel says it is just complying with European Union (EU) sanctions, which ban the sale to Russia of luxury goods priced at more than €300 ($327; £250). …  The company said it complies with all laws applicable to our operations and employees worldwide, including trade sanction laws. 

“This is why we have rolled out a process to ask clients for whom we do not know the main residency to confirm that the items they are purchasing will not be used in Russia,” Chanel stated. “We are currently working on improving this approach and we apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.”

Russian model Victoria Bonya stated in her Instagram video, “I have to say if Chanel House does not respect the clients, why we have to respect Chanel House? … Bye-bye.”

TV presenter Marina Ermoshkina echoed in a post below her Instagram video:

When buying things in the Chanel @chanelofficial store, Russians began to be required to sign a humiliating paper that they would never wear this brand in Russia. And here is my answer:

For us – Russian girls – the presence of Chanel in our lives does not play any role. It was we who have always been the face of this brand, it was we who, from childhood, set the goal of buying a bag of this brand. And they bought. But not a single bag, not a single thing is worth my love for my Motherland, is not worth my respect for myself 🇬🇺❤️, I am against Russophobia, I am against a brand that supports Russophobia.

Chanel is just an accessory. An accessory that at some point decided to humiliate people, my compatriots, decided to discriminate people on the basis of nationality, which I will not tolerate. After all, the main thing is principles, and not what is in your hands, but what is inside you.

Famed DJ Katya Guseva added:

I always dreamed that a #chanel handbag would appear in my wardrobe and it happened last year … But after I learned about the brand’s policy towards Russians, I decided to remove these bags from my daily life until the situation changes and support the challenge from Marina Ermoshkina! … With this video, I do not call for the destruction of things of any brands, I just want to say that not a single bag, not a single thing is worth my love for my Motherland, and my respect for myself. I am against Russophobia, I am against a brand that supports Russophobia and discrimination against women based on nationality. We Russian girls are beautiful whether we have a Chanel bag or not. We know it, the @chanelofficial brand knows it, and the whole world knows it. If you agree with me, support this challenge. And it doesn’t matter if you have a bag or any thing of this brand – you can simply draw the Chanel logo on a piece of paper, cut it or simply cross it out, thus expressing your attitude towards Russophobia, discrimination, and double standards.

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