As parents have fought back against the teaching of LGBTQ information being inculcated in their children at school, a viral video shows a school coordinator in Kansas insisting that young children should learn about LGBTQ issues in the classroom as soon as they have been exposed to any information on the subject.

“When they’ve been exposed to information, they’re ready to learn about it, whether you think they are or not,” the coordinator of equity, inclusion, and diversity intoned. “And the research says there is no age too young to talk about pretty much anything. If they know about it, they’re ready to learn about it, right?”

He argued that the young children would inevitably be exposed to LGBTQ issues through social media: “So there is no, you now, what we think is always age-appropriate; it is if they don’t know about it, they haven’t been exposed to it, and yeah, you can give them time to develop, but once they’ve been exposed to it — and social media’s gonna do it, right — I know some kindergartners in this school with cell phones.”

“Mine had a cell phone,” he admitted, “and so they get access to information. They can learn quickly; the world is teaching them faster than probably you are. And so the extent to which we can have conversations with parents around ‘How do we want to approach talking about LGBTQ+’ because there are students as early as kindergarten who are identifying as non-gender conforming … non binary, transgender.”

“And so because they’re in our school, they’re in our classrooms, then that becomes a responsibility on the adults to say, ‘Okay. I have a student who identifies this way, and so it’s my responsibility to make sure the classroom is inviting to them,’ just as it is to someone who might be Asian, Laotian, Korean, African, whatever the identity is,” he concluded.

At the end of March, a mother of four boys, one of whom “transitioned,” was interviewed by ABC News on the “International Transgender Day of Visibility,” and was asked what the experience had been like and what her advice would be for other parents.

She answered that when her “daughter” started communicating who she truly was to her parents, “that was at the earliest moment that she actually had words and language to communicate to us who she truly was.” She continued, “We were a little surprised because we didn’t expect it, and then, as we just literally raised her, supported her, just like all parents do … we’re teaching here the right values; we’re teaching her to give back  … that surprise evolves into something just really cool and important and that is the realization that she’s our daughter, And so what I would say to all of those parents out there and all of the folks, by the way, millions of folks still in our country who say they’ve never met a transgender or non-binary young person, I would say this, I would say: These children are here and they are wonderful and all it takes is love.”

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